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October 01, 2018


Never mind.

(Thanks to DaninDallas)


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Reminds me of that old Alvin and The Chipmunks episode where Dave grew a long moustache, and Alvin killed him.

Wait, that was... a Twilight Zone episode, I think. Easy to get them confused! I'm glad the Robot movie (from India) did not feature this!

(And the Geezer Bus needs a bar!)

The civil servant is so committed to the maintenance of his 'tache that he goes through a complicated daily routine to maintain it, spending up to three hours a day on grooming and applying oil and pepper.

The bad news is — he works at his local DMV...

"Meet the man with the 22 foot mustache."

Or not.

There's a potential Clairol commercial.

Simply Delilahtful.

There once was a guy in the next village who had a 24 foot mustache. He was walking down the street when his mustache got caught on the bumper of a passing bus. The day did not end well.

Well at least it q mustache, not ear hair or finger (toe) nails.

Spell checker is creating its own language, that's an 'a' not 'g'.

I bet all kinds of critters are living in there.

We're going to need more wax.

Soon to become a new Opera, " the Berber of SadVille India".

I hope Bollywood doesn't beat Hollywood to the Big Screen!

He can whip that baby around. Maybe he'll be the next Avenger: Moustache Man.

There was an old man with a ...mustache
Who said, it is just as I feared.
Two crows and a hen
Four larks and wren
Have all made their home in my ... oh forget it

Got two words for you, dude.
Snip. Snip.

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