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October 26, 2018


The good news: This Merriam-Webster site shows you the words and phrases that became popular the year you were born.

The bad news: For me, one of the words was "the."


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On the cool side: "accretion disk", "punctuated equilibrium", "garage band", and "rubber-chicken".

On the "my birth year has some things to answer for": "mani-pedi", "alternative medicine", "winningest", and "Kirlian photography".

Demystify, Dot matrix, Oxycodone, Snarf
ZIP Code .. really? Before the plus-4.

humph - if anyone needs me, I'll just return to the geezer bus, sobbing quietly.



Arancini (aka rice balls). Dim Sum. Fusilli (are we seeing a pattern yet?). Linguine. Marinara.

Also some GNFARB candidates:

Clerical Collar
Missionary Position
Mongolian Gerbil
Social Promotion
Soul Kiss
Tubal Ligation

God, I'm old.

I got "Zip Gun" and "Switchblade", so I'm glad I renewed my membership in the Jets.

A few of mine were, big foot, beatnik, smart-ass, split-brain, and sex kitten. I'm fine with those.

And for me it is "big beat", "happy camper" and "magic mushroom". There is a trend here as well.

Proudly proclaim:
arcade game
lab coat
Peace Corps
theme park
wide receiver

Apologize for:
brain drain
cruise control
golden handshake
junk food
rap sheet

Good chapter titles for a bestseller:
Baby back ribs
Junk mail
Rock and Roll
Rocket sled
Time warp

If one phrase you find is " To the Bastille ! ", does that mean you're old ? Asking for a friend.

Qaz, we also share "bitchin'", "dollar-cost averaging" and "scumbag". I will try to use those words in my next quarterly financial report to the board, preferably all in one sentence.

Really older than dirt (WWII era) so lots of military terms but surprised to find:

and animal of the year, golden hamster.

Why do so many of the words end in -eth?

We knoweth not.

A Haiku:

Off-the-shelf stock boy,
Shopping mall hot potato,
Funny farm flameout.

I can claim "nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide" AND "nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phospahte!" Oh, and "thunder lizard."

Man, that was a great year to be born!

It is kind of different but geez what words. The ones that resonant to me were clip art, orthotics, happy camper,computerize. Most of the rest weren't any that I would of ever used.

"Carbon dating."

Oh the irony!

Mine was "thou shalt not..."

nursecindy has Bigfoot and bialy.

Bigfoot Bialy WBAGNFARB. Just sayin'.


Mine was" Is it starting to rain?"

They know me too well:
tubal ligation
tubifex worm
two-way street
vitamin B12
vodka martini
wind sprint

*welcomes ImNotDave to the geezer bus*

snork @ Cheezwhiz

nursecindy and I have the same list...

blaze orange
frozen yogurt

solar wind
third world

Bigfoot Bialy. Is that like a NY Jewish bearclaw?

I can dig it.

Those rat-fink ninjas with their worst-case toe loops and triple loops really sucker-punched us into pre-cooking fentanyl. (1964)

And "wheel." There, I think I posted it in the right place that time.

"Zorn's lemma": a lemma in set theory: if a set S is partially ordered and if each subset for which every pair of elements is related by exactly one of the relationships "less than," "equal to," or "greater than" has an upper bound in S, then S contains at least one element for which there is no greater element in S

Okay, if you say so.


Tae kwon do. That can't be right.

"Boobird"? Maryq might be the winner.

We got "Hippie" and "Go-GO"!

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