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October 25, 2018


Toilet paper spilled on I-79 after tractor trailer crash


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Actually it looks like they have plenty to go on.

"Alright deputy, take the bullet out of your shirt pocket just in case. Stay at the scene until I get there. Remember, no one gets through unless they know the password."

Driver was cited for a 10.10.228 - failure to yield the right-of-way, aka, " Squeezing the Charmin"

"The tractor trailer (with the toilet paper) was full," Fuller said.

Good thing it wasn't full of the other stuff.

New meaning to It Fell Off The Back Of The Truck

Off topic but:
Even though Judi has been doing a really terrific job, it made me so happy to see Dave posting today. Hopefully this means Sophie is getting better and things are returning to normal.

"Rolling down the road, trying to loosen my load"

odd. there was a TP spill down the road a few weeks ago....
only other spill I've seen was marshmallows.

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