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October 29, 2018


The CDC has released guidelines for dressing up your pet chicken on Halloween

(Thanks to Ralph, Dave Roe and Jay Brandes)


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Breaded and in a bucket sounds good to me.

Mine's going dressed as Col. Sanders. Or dressed by.

I like oyster dressing with mine.

I wasn't planning on dressing mine. Do they have guidelines on chocking?

Choking, that is.

I'm dressing mine up as Popeye.

(3...2...1... Slight chuckle)

Chicken outfit?

So, the CDC recommends not dressing up your cock of the walk?...

This is a good example of the protections society would lose if Libertarians were in charge. Why, it would be like Somalia, where chicken are allowed to run around naked, or dressed as Nancy Pelosi.

Wash the costumes after they’re worn. Wash them in a washing machine using hot water to get rid of any germs.

So would it be wrong to toss the chicken and the costume in the washer together....to save time?

The tiny-font caption for their picture says "Ready for dressing".

I'd like to see a chicken costume contest with the winning photo captioned "Winner, winner — chicken dinner".

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