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October 31, 2018


Vending machine lets you trade in lame Halloween candy.

(Thanks to funny man and Jeff Meyerson)


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Necco Wafer collection site.

They are overwhelmed by candy corn, which WBAGNFARB.

These dystopian future scenarios are getting more and more bizarre.

Today from 4 to 9 pm in Washington Square. Be there!

When I was a kid I always got a bunch of those chewy things wrapped in orange or black paper. I hated those!

Gee, Jeff, I am underwhelmed by candy corn. My least favorite when I was a tyke. Shades of Charlie Brown, I even got a rock one year. My thought at the time: it could be worse. It coulkd have been candy corn!

My home state of Michigan apparently is big on candy corn, a statistic which doesn't sit well with everyone.

I second nursecindy's comment; I think those were peanut butter kisses. They, along with Mary Janes and Bit O' Honey werre the three terrible candies I always got on Halloween.

I think "Circus Peanuts" were the worst.

Nothing says yummy like recycled candy.

Because everyone knows that Reese's is such a great upgrade from other similarly-disgusting candy.

nursecindy and PG-13's comments were echoed on the local news last night, when those stupid wrapped peanut butter things were listed as least favorite Halloween items, and even one of the anchors felt the need to weigh in with a second. Also, when they listed the supposed top three candies bought in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut this year, the dreaded candy corn was #2 on the New York list! Say it isn't so. I blame the Upstaters.

A discourse on circus peanuts from January 1998.

(Warning: Potential pop-up ads out the wazoo.)

Nurse Cindy, PG13, and Jeff- Those were invented by opportunistic dentists, who were later arrested when they took it too far (See: Laffy Taffy).

Black licorice. Candy of the devil. It probably even plugged up the recycle machine.

Never believe anything that's said by someone who's paid to give advice.

My favorite: wax skulls full of sugary colored liquid that give you your yearly requirement of red dye no. 2, green dye no. 5, or whatever.

I had forgotten about Circus Peanuts. Uurrgghh.

Necco wafers have their fans. You can now buy rolls of only the chocolate ones, which is cheating.

For me, Reese’s peanut butter cups are good. There were always some in the icebox at my old Army unit, popular demand.

You like liquorice or you don’t. If you do, a way to stretch your candy dollar and get more taste is to make liquorice water- slice it into long strings and soak in just enough water to cover overnight. Intense flavor.

Robert Benchley, writing in the 1930’s on Victorian candy. I learned from this not to cry untill I’m hurt.

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