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October 15, 2018


Washing Windows


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My windows could use a good cleaning. Unfortunately the closest franchise is in Ohio. I may have to move.

Going up? Or going down?

I knew that guy was Canadian. Cindy, get your son in law to do it.

Two Men and a Kilt.

I have always suspected that kilts were the reason my family was forced out of Ireland. 200 years later, it reflects on my refusal to wear shorts. I like people. Why would I want to cause anyone such horrible visual harm?

🎶 Donald where's your trousers? 🎶

I tried to start a company named, "Software Engineers in Kilts", but didn't get any business.

With my sincere apologies to the Mills Brothers (and their descendants):

"Say, Joe, how are you? "I guess I am ok"
Oh, Joe, what you do? "I rub, rub all day"

Now, why do you smile? "I'm happy all day long,
I've got my health, and, I've got my job
And so I sing this song..."

Oh, when the day is bright and sunny
Everything is milk and honey
Joe, he makes a lot of money
No one rubs, no one scrubs like he can...

He's a joy to every lady
Keeps an eye on every baby
Life is just a bowl of gravy--
Oh, the window-washer man!

cindy, just find some transvestite rednecks who wash windows.

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