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October 16, 2018


At Busch Gardens

In an aquarium

On a donkey

At Chick-Fil-A

On Grandma's porch

(Thanks to yekj. Jon Harris, Jim K., Bill H., Alkali Bill, and Ralph K.)

Note: Why do men do so many things naked? These are just the recent ones. 


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Donkey boy was not entirely naked.

"To say that this party goer went hard looks to be an understatement." Ha ha

Aquarium man jumping in a shark tank after assaulting someone: Would've been sweet justice had the sharks had some fun with him.

Story 1: amazingly, this was not Busch Gardens, Florida
Story 4: dude, this is Chick Fil-A, not Chuck E. Cheese.
STory 5: alcohol was involved...but was it the naked guy or Grandma No Teeth they were talking about?

New York has a guy ready for that Chick Fil-A fight club.

Well that didn't work.

Try this

Sometimes a guy has to abandon the trappings of civilization. Just sayin.

Men will do anything to avoid doing the laundry.

And we can assume they all said: "Hold my beer and watch this." before trying to become an Internet "sensation."

Q: Note: Why do men do so many things naked?
A: Because beer alone is not a cure-all.

I don’t cook bacon naked anymore. I’ve learned my lesson.

The Russian story:

Vlad? Vodka?

But I thought women especially liked "natural" men????

Judi: Because we were born that way?

Judi, the correct question is why do the WRONG men do so many things naked (or, take their shirts off at the ballgame, etc.)?

Why do MEN wear Kilts? Sheep can hear a zipper at 50 yards.

Men do things naked because they honestly believe that people (women, in particular) want to see their junk.

WE DO NOT!!!!!

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