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October 19, 2018


Sales manager James Merrins said: “I saw one of my guys running towards us shouting ‘cow, cow, cow’

(Thanks to Suzie Q Wacvet)


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An appropriate time for Robin to say "Holy Cow Batman !"

I experienced projectile vomit finding it's way up into my mouth.

He was probably looking for the bar that horse was in a couple of weeks ago...

"Surprised by a cow" sounds like a euphemism. There is a very old joke where a farm boy is admonished by a parent not to use the vulgar word when the bull mounted, but to use the verb "surprised" instead. The next time it happened the boy ran in breathlessly to tell his mother, "The bull--"

"I know, dear," the mom said, "The bull 'surprised' Elsie."

"He sure did, Mom! He f*@%3! Bessie AGAIN!!"

You always have to be cautious of the B.S. when visiting car dealerships.

Interesting fact:

Flight attendants use to yell "cow! cow! cow!".
They switched to "brace! brace! brace!" when they discovered it saved more lives.

My friend saw Escaped Cow Chaos open for Motley Crue in 1987.

Patrons of a nearby pub claimed the cow had been grazing on some marijuana plants before it went udderly crazy. The bartender told a reporter the steaks have never been so high.

Jeff -
Was that the show when Tommy Lee proclaimed his forever love for Heather Locklear?


That was also the show where Todd Rundgren performed, Hello It's Me, I'm not Heather Locklear.

A really good salesman could have sold that cow a car.

"Get along, get hip, little dogies
Get along, better be on your way,
Get along, get hip, little dogies,
And he trucked them on down the old fairway...
Singin' his cow-cow boogie in the strangest way:
Comma ti yi yi yeah,
Comma ti yippity yi yeah!"

5* SNORK @ Clankie from a guy whose dad owned a car dealership.

Wrong dealership – Mazda doesn't sell anything suitable for cows. Perhaps a Ford Lariat?

Y'all're milking this story for everything you've got.

Ditto ^5 to Clankie. Agreed: salesmen know how to rope 'em in.

Don't forget: you know it's time for service when the old gal is about a Quart LOW.

Talk about a moo-ving violation.

“But when the automatic doors shut behind it, it began to panic, and that’s when we all ran for it into the offices because there was no way of stopping it.

This is also useful for trapping a customer, and not letting them out until they've signed on the dotted line.


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