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October 10, 2018


Police had to remove a woman who brought an “emotional support squirrel” on a Frontier Airlines flight headed from Orlando, Florida, to Cleveland.

(Thanks to Al B., Bill H., and Allen at Division)


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What is it about Floridians and their squirrel obsession? :P

If you had to go to Cleveland, wouldn't you want to bring an emotional support squirrel?

What became of the squirrel; did police book it when they booked the woman?

Clearly, it wasn't a flying squirrel.

I wanted to bring my emotional support skunk on a plane.
just shred the constit...What is that smell?

"I see squirrel, where is moose?" - Boris Badenov

Only some nut would have an emotional support squirrel.

Oh sure, I see how this goes. Squirrel Liberation Front smuggles nutty jihadist rodent onto plane,Squirrel "escapes" and gnaws through control wires sending aircraft plunging into the public school next to the pre-natal care center. Oh the humanity, thank god for the wonderful people of the T.S.A. WHO PREVENTED... oh never mind.

What happened to Bullwinkle?

Tonight On TMZ Mysteries....????

Actually, the squirrel listed the woman as his "emotional support human" and the flight attendants did not like the fact she was without a leash.

I think I see how the next invasive species rodent is going to get into the US.

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