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October 28, 2018


Face-eating squirrels ravage jack-o-lanterns

(Thanks to Vernon B.)


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Mix a tablespoon of cayenne pepper with unflavored gelatin, using half the recommended measure of water.
Use a paintbrush to apply two coats of the mixture to the pumpkin, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.


Now that lantern isn't worth jack.

Although it could be promoted as some sorta 'poorformance art'.

The squirrel(s) will sell videos of the performance, or
may come and recreate it with your "donation" of a pumpkin.

Additional 'stuff of nightmares' discovered nearby where one barking doubled-over in overwhelming pain face-eating squirrel stored his nuts.

Face-eating Squirrels toured with Smashmouth

@Bill: And the Smashing Pumpkins.

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