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October 14, 2018


I just want to thank judi for keeping this blog going. And to all of you who visit. It’s good to know there’s still a place on the internet for... OK, I have no idea what this is. I never have. But I am grateful to everyone involved.


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Must be time for the fire/re-hire cycle...

Whatever this blog is good for, we'll keep visiting. Maybe one day we'll figure it out. Until then, all the best to you and yours. And Judi deserves a raise.

Hi Dave, we are still holding you and your family in prayer. We hope your daughter is progressing well. There will be a very special Thanksgiving for you all this year I pray. We are your blog family...created by you. Thank you for saying hello today we miss you!
God bless you and your family,

We missed you. Glad to hear things are moving along. Prayers.

As long as people don't know about Edgar (and his mother), this blog has a mission!

Amen to all that. Hope Sophie is continuing to get better and will be fully recovered and back to normal soon. And you and Mrs. Blog as well.

I must compliment Judi for not filling the blog with men in kilts every day.

We can't shred the Constitution without your leadership.

Not to mention beer and squirrels.

..for mood adjustments, mood swings, etc. but most of all to celebrate anyone who really gives a hoot. We are grateful too, for you, and anyone you keep close to your side.. hoot!

How else would we know what needs to be kept out of civilian hands?

I come here because my fellow bloggers post some of the Internet's most intellectual observations. (I mean that as a compliment.)

I too commend judi's wardrobe restraint, and continued best wishes to the whole Blog family.

Where else on the Internet can one go to stop the squirrels, keep up with Flathead County or report the antics of really, really stupid criminals?

If Mark Twain were alive today, he would not only be a constant reader, but likely sneak in a blog of his own once in a while.

BTW, I really think Judi deserves a no-fire time and maybe a huge men in kilts poster for her services to keeping America smiling.

Yes, and not to forget ‘the spice of strife’ to make our own little hurts a bit less painful and a whole lot more tolerable.

Also, remember.. strife. ‘Is’ a bad word.

Thanks to Dave and judi for giving this bunch of lunatics a place to hang out. Because otherwise we'd all be somewhere else, and that would be confusing.

Hang in there!

Funny = good

I always have Judy filling in for the blog mixed up with some other person. It's my image of Dave I am uncertain of.

Judi has done a great job and I'm thankful for all her posts. However, a few kilt pictures would be nice.
I don't know what this blog is either but it keeps me sane and laughing. Believe it or not, before I found the blog I thought squirrels were cute, I drank light beer, and would often catch myself humming Barry Manilow tunes! Dave, I'm also still keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Definitely not bowling shoes, huckleberry syrup? Now i’m Confused.

Thanks, Dave. This blog is the only real reason to have an internet service provider. All the best.

Corn on the cob, maybe?

Don’t feel bad, i’m Known for fudge sickles

Not at all flexible. Geese, sorry blog

We love this place, Dave.

I always assumed it was an acronym for "Barry: Lunatic Or Genius?"
But then I heard about other "blogs"...

Oh well... Hang in there, Dave!

Genius, definitely lunatic, yeah genius for certain. Huh
? Concerned, to be or not to be concerned. Yeah, that’s right. Sounds right, yeah

Oh almost forgot, thanks Dave! Yeah and whoever else makes the blog run “smoothly”, no really, thank you, too! Huh? Jk

Wait, who are you people?

I'm not sure what the internet is for anymore. But we need places of refuge like this. Thanks, Dave. And Judi, too.

I always thought this was a public service to keep us all off the streets.

Regardless, thanks to Judi for putting up with us all. I'll have you know she fired herself at least a half dozen times. Fortunately, she thought better of it and rehired herself.

Dave - hope Sophie is feeling much better!

You all truly are the most insane group of close friends that I've never met.

There is no better booger blogger on the interweb today than you Dave!! Please keep it up! With the more than able assistance of judi and Walter.

Glad to see you posting again, Dave. Thanks to Judi for not getting fired. Thanks to Sophie for hanging in there and recovering as best she can. Thanks very much for taking time out for her and keeping your priorities straight.

By the way, will there be a 2019 best (or worst) of the blog calendar coming out? It would be a great stocking-stuffer.

@Bill Carver - you got that right!

Dave, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope Sophie is recovering.

(By the way, judi, a few kilt pics would be welcome. Moderation is key. Thanks!)

I'm a big fan. Prayers for your family.

{{Sophie}} and {{Dave}} and {{judi}}
And hugs to all my compadre blogits.



Without the blog, the day would be harsh, stupid, unfun (is that even a word, Mr. Language Person?), tired and dull.

Hugs to judi, to Dave and kin, and all the bloggits!

We have definitely not evolved - the evidence is right there in the Archives on the right. :P

back @PirateBoy and MOTW--

My hero Charlie Chaplin once referred to laughter as a "surcease for pain." Dave, I'm sure you would add "prompted by potty jokes" in order to round out the elegance of this definition.

Me, I kinda see this blog as a big ol' box of Sanity Helper...just add snarky comments and stir, and you've got yourself a heapin' bowl of mental health that sticks to your ribs!

(Dep't. of Mushy Stuff: continued bro- and sis-hugs to you, Mrs. B., Sophia, judi, and Walter.)

Whatever this place is, its denizens are polite. Mostly.

We've missed you, Dave!!!!!

Nice to see that you are keeping in touch. I hope that Sophie is continuing to get better. You have a new book coming out this month. I have to look up the date.

This blog is literally the only social medium I regularly expose myself to.

Whoa — that didn't come out the way I intended.

Recently, I re-read some of the books in Spider Robinson's Callahan's series. This blog certainly resembles the essential wackiness of Jake Stonebender's various bars establishments, except we're not telepathic and we haven't had to save the universe yet...

This is, of course, the best place on the Internet to discuss cloning mice from poop. Good to hear from you, Dave. God bless you and yours.


The blog is the best, last, organ going which acts as the final filter and keeps us from becoming like the genius-criminals posted here with underwear of unknown origin over their heads, one stirrup per ear, car racing style.

Thank you..

The only downside to the blog - anyone who has ever posted on it will never be able to sit on the Supreme Court. We might be brought before it, just not able to sit on it.

Dang, that's what I was shooting for. The Supreme Court!

We remain your alert readers, Dave. Best of luck with whatever you and your family (including Sophie, of course) are going through. And thanks to judi and everyone who keeps this blog going!

Hang in there.


Thank you for providing a place you have no idea why you are providing for many, including me, who have no idea why we are here. Shared values are important.

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