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October 23, 2018


We saw Singing Donkey open for the Dropkick Murphys.

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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Sounds like an opera singer with emphysema.

Needs more cowbell

Sam Smith has some competition.

That's my grand daughter! (smiles with pride!)

Didn’t he open for the Wailin’ Jennies?

In Ireland, the album would be a best seller!

I have heard jackasses sing before.

Karaoke night at the local suds and dogs.

The Irish are famous for their musical ability – but now a singing donkey wants some credit too. Martin Stanton regularly visits Harriet with treats near his home in rural Galway, in the west of Ireland. The tuneful animal has become an internet sensation after he decided to record his visit on Sunday when he arrived with a bag of treats.

I initially did not click the link because I thought it said Swinging Donkey.

So? Simply another ass who thinks she can sing?

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