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October 01, 2018


Apparently this is an immovable plant.

(Thanks to Suzie Q. Wacvet)


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Why not just place the plant and planter on a raised stand. That way only the really Big Dogs will be able to leave a calling card.

Once the urine has gotten inside the flower pot, rather than just all over the outside of the pot, then the plant will die pretty soon anyway. Pee kills vegetation.

Use a large, deep bowl inside of a rustic decorative feature and invite users to drop coins into it — kind of a pi$$ing well...

The man is a hero! Stick it to the City!

If there's a dog on one end of a leash, there's frequently an idiot on the other.

place a sprinkler head over the plant with a motion sensor. Problem solved!

Isn't this what they do in France now, for people?

"...“these dog owners think they own the city. They can roam their dogs and pee and shit everywhere.”

Yeah, and the dogs do also!

[Owners really should use restrooms, I think!]

He should start offering dog on the menu. Problem solved.

Judi has the best idea: Just get rid of the plant. The shop owner must be planning on running for political office and working on increasing his knowledge of how government operates.

There is a psychological test to see if you need to be in an asylum. You are shown a bathtub full of water, then given a teaspoon, a cup and a bucket and asked how you would drain the tub. Most people say they would use the bucket. The tester would tell them a sane person will just pull the plug, then ask if they want a room with a view.

ImNotDave - You stole my idea!

I was going to add that one would think a Yale Geneticist could figure that out.

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