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October 25, 2018


Robbers in Belgium arrested after store owner tells them to come back later

(Thanks to Ron G and Chuck)


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Thank you. Come again!

I once took a transatlantic cruise where one of the stops was the island of Madeira—a part of Portugal which is off the Western African coast. One of my cruise companions stopped on a park bench to enjoy one of the beautiful gardens there. A mugger sat beside him on the bench and threatened to beat my friend Up unless he handed over all his money. My friend pleaded that all his money was back in his cabin on the ship. If the mugger would just be patient and let my friend return back to his cabin, the mugger could have all of his money. My friend calmly walked back to the ship and never saw the mugger again.

Criminals in Europe are certainly more laid-back than they are here in the States...

Question: is anyone really this stupid?

Apparently so. Your Washington joke here.

Its nice to see places other than FL. house the mentally nuts.

Six Belgian wafflers — to go...

I'm with LeDud. It is nice to see other countries have morons too.

Your call is important to us.

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