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October 03, 2018


And you need this.

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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This has to go in the Gift Catalog, right?

In other news from S.L.U.G. (Slothfully Lazy Underactive Generation), there is a Rock-Paper-Scissors app.
Eliminates the strain of using actual fingers.

I will get one of these for my brother and one for my grand nephews

Counting on someone converting this toy to shoot flaming spitballs.

The gun control nuts will be calling for a complete ban on this fully automatic assault weapon.

This thing negates several integral aspects of the art of spitball-throwing, namely surreptitiousness and the element of surprise. Spitballs were designed for sneak-attacks under the watchful eyes of veteran teachers and not as rapid-fire weapons of mass annoyance destined to be confiscated immediately by the powers-that-be.

Still, the T.P. magazine on this thing looks WAY cool, and was clearly designed to freak out fastidious moms everywhere!

When I first saw this ad, I thought how much fun it be be to have one of these and call: "Here kitty, kitty."
Then I started thinking how cats always get even and decided against ordering one.

I want one just to freakout TSA.

If you back up the URL to just /gear/, you'll see the
must-have Star Wars Advent Calendar!

Wise choice, Le Petomane.

Haven't we had enough of this in the last few weeks ?


Finally, a sure-fire way to get young boys to actually use toilet paper.

Key words: "...to clear up any jams that might arise."

Nope! Not going to go there!

overhead: "Yes, this is Jakks Pacific, the manufacturer. You say you want 12 dozen sent to the Pentagon? Sure, we can do that! It'll be $130,000, and we'll need your purchase order.."

A whole new slant on the meaning of wiped out."

Someone makes a salt-shooting gun to kill flies. It's a hoot.

Moms Against Wiping are protesting in their brown tee shirts. Klingons rejoice.

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