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October 24, 2018


Someone on your list needs a Fish and semi-naked women wall calendar.

Note: Some of the photos are NSFW

(Thanks to pharmaross, who also sent in this NSFW article about Fishlove)


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Carpy Diem.

I had to use both the browser magnifier and the monitor zoom to get to the NSFW level. A lot of work, but worth it. Those moundfish are gorgeous.

All are keepers.

I may have developed a little PTSD after clicking.

I already got Gordon's Christmas present. Alas, I did not order it from Amazon Prime, so no return.

At least one of the women 'models' is a well-known porn star. Or so I've been told.

"Semi"-naked? Those carp didn't have a stitch on! Buncha hussies.

Sometimes they put up a fight and you just have to release them.

Mrs. PirateBoy declares this to be the perfect example of Internet Rule 34.

Unfortunately, the blog's strict policy prevents me from making a red snapper joke.

I presume no comments about spawning either.

You have to appreciate a nice bass.

we need a putin with fish calendar.

Looks like 2019 will be a very good year
"memorable" year...

Motor boating carp!

"What?! No, honey, don't be silly! I'm just really into carp fishing. I didn't even notice the women until you pointed it out." Some guy(s) - probably.

Shouldn't the tag line be "what's that smell?"

Isn't it a bit unusual to sell a used calendar for the coming year? Although if the owner wrote in winning Mega Million numbers, the calendar might be worth the $80 price tag!

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