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October 24, 2018



(Thanks to Ralph K., Mark S. Jeff M., and Steve K.)


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Send it to Washington.

Alas, I don't have a face a mother could love.
-Enypniastes eximia

Edgar ?

A headless chicken monster bit my sister.

Oh (r@p I broke the blog.

I don't understand the name - it is clearly a BODYLESS chicken monster.

Headless Chicken Monster is my favorite character on the Sesame Street.

In the still photo the sea cucumber looks like the head of a chicken but in the video it is an even weirder looking creature. If I ever did encounter a bodyless chicken monster I would say "your shoelace is untied, then run away." That should keep the bodyless chicken monster busy long enough for me to make my escape.

Ozzy Osbourne has denied any involvement.

"...has never been spotted before..."

... By anyone who lived to tell the tale, that is.

[Cue: music from "Psycho" shower scene]

The headless chicken of the see was also featured on Clyde Lewis' radio show Tuesday night....

It was supposed to be a guest, but failed to call in...

I din't break it but meybee I fixed it!

{Typepad, not the chicken thing]

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