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October 22, 2018


This flushing system can make your toilet explode. So, 1.4 million have been recalled


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Police have nothing to go on?

The recall happens at the same time as Burger King's Halloween promotion? The timing couldn't be worse.

Colleges now have to come up with alternate safe space.

I just made a hurried trip upstairs to check the toilet up there - it's not one of the recalls.

Meanwhile, police body cams are exploding in New York City. Co-incidence? I think not!

So can eating Mexican food.

Still available on Amazon with free shipping

Who thought you could get a real bang out of using a toilet? I do wonder what that one person was doing when an exploding toilet caused them to need foot surgery.

That's a good question Le Petomane. I never treated a patient that had been injured by an exploding toilet but I imagine their injuries would be similar to the ones a patient got after they sat on a glass coffee table. They were naked at the time and it was not a pretty sight.

Has anyone informed Al Bundy?

Why take a chance and warn Canada? The people are in a perpetual state of over-excitement as it is.

See Dave, this is what happens when you have to have a high flow toilet in a low flow age.

The remaining characters are the model code, which starts with M and ends with F .. because that is what some victims are known to shout when being lacerated by exploding porcelain shrapnel. IYKWIM(AITYD)

This article doesn't leave me flushed with enthusiasm.

Exploding Toilets NOT AGNFARB. However, on talk like a pirate day - THAR SHE BLOWS.

"And concerns about blowing the tank aren’t just theoretical."

"Blowing the tank" or the science of Expanding Spontaneous Relative Regeneration (ESRR), a mostly summer time phenomenon which occurs at family reunions and explains the existence of strange Uncle Schrapnel and cousin Shard.

for my fellow geezer bus riders I keep thinking about Archie Bunker and the 'terlet' flush sound.

What band did, "Exploding Toilets" open for?

"John" Cougar?

Tha never happens to my mother-in law.

We have those systems at work in our toilets. Nothing has exploded yet. (ha)

Thanks Dave! I have *two* of these in my house. The toilet police are on the way!

Cue "Under Pressure" by David Bowie and Queen?

"If you can't handle the pressure, get out of the kitchen!"-or something similar, attributed to harry Truman

(What? Someone has toilets in the kitchen?)

L8terg8r: "Exploding Toilets" opened for Butthole Surfers, of course.

*snork* @ MOTW...

Great idea for the Mafia to use these things to whack people, and then blame it on the manufacturer.

First Goodfella: "Hey, where's Luca Brazi?"
Second Goodfella: "He went to the can...and, now he sleeps with the (toilet) fishes."

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