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October 29, 2018


Florida mayor accused of soliciting sex in exchange for speed bumps

(Thanks to funny man, who says he has your bumps right here) (Also thanks to pharmaross)


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Speed bumps, speed humps. Easy confusion.

Send this Mayor to Washington.

Pothole repair, maybe. But speed bumps...? Forget it !

The “Sleeping Policeman” road features are labeled “Speed Humps” in Anchorage. This article connects some dots for me.

With material like this Dave and Carl Hiaasen are gonna live forever!

LOL Geez..

From the "Classic Punchline Archives":

"68, because at 69, you have to turn around."

Was the exchange to install or remove the speed bumps? Because I don't know why anyone would ever want to have speed bumps installed.

Speed bumps leave everyone in a lurch.

The reporters again...failed!

They should have told us:

How many humps for the bumps?

Was it pro quid boogie, or just simple transaction?

Were professionals (or prophylactics) involved?

Would these alleged bumps be installed on a Wednesday?

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