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October 30, 2018


Bills fans are better at throwing dildos than Bills QBs are at throwing TDs

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Give a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Go deep."

Imagine the carnage.....or the clean up mess?

We are not paying our maintenance crew nearly enough.

How would one sign up to be on the testing panel for this study? I'm asking for a friend.

They deserve a stiff fine.

A poor substitute for octopuses.

Someone's gonna get hit in the forehead by these Vicious Vandals who incidentally opened for Faces.

Backfield in motion...
Gonna hafta PENALize you!


Florida Man is getting arrested ? Florida Man !!??

I didn't realize that Florida had a law on the books making it illegal to throw dildos -- It's apparently such a severe problem that it is an offence that can get you arrested. Go figure?

Saw a post earlier, "More sex toys made it to the end zone than players with the ball!"

Hands up if you want to see one of these things place-kicked through the posts for the extra point!

@K - apparently hands are busy -IYKWIM

At least they weren't dicks about it.

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