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October 08, 2018


Fall Is a Season of Change in the Portable Restroom Industry


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No matter how much lipstick you paint on this, it's still a really crappy business to be in.

"changes are in the wind"

You betcha.

He looks like a guy from Rifftrax's 1950's "educational" shorts...

You can tell it's fall when the portable restrooms change color

The author opened for THE MARMALADE

Fall: The time to drop a deuce.

'Tis the season for eats, shoots, and leaves.

And apparently leavings...

I'm always sad in the Fall when pumpkin flavored toilet paper goes away.

The best slogan for one of these companies in my area is "We're #1 in the #2 Business."

I'm glad you posted this so I can sign up for my free subscription to PRO magazine. Better yet, I can sign up my local library.

From https://www.promonthly.com/:

News Briefs: Portable Restroom Company Fined for Illegal Dumping

We’re here to serve the portable sanitation industry, and we welcome your ideas and suggestions.

So does that mean we should drop some new ideas (or 'stuff')
on the industry? And why are you asking we write them on toilet paper? Is something going up, or down?

wanderer2575's mentioning you can sign up at your local library brought back fond memories of growing up in a small town. We had a huge brick library with two stone lions out front. It was nice to check out a book, sit on the steps and study girls between the lions.

Our high school library is forever, vividly etched in my mind. The Beaver Shot Palace.

Maybe now there can be a Fletch sequel.

As a person who takes Metformin and Januvia, I know every option for miles around.

A good porta is worth its weight in something.

Welcome back, Dave.

I have GOT to party with this guy!

Fall is one of the prettiest times of year. We are having 83 deg today. Heading to Frankenmuth shortly. Nice to see that you are blogging a bit. Have a great day Dave. I hope that Sophie is doing much better these days

I'm intrigued by the idea of "turning urine into cash," but, knowing me, I'd probably just p*ss it away.

Howdy, Dave--what Theresa said.

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