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October 28, 2018


...to this driver at O'Hare Airport.

Image (2)
(Thanks to Peter M., via "ORDInsider on Twitter, published 10-26")


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I must credit my wife for this find - Laura Miller. Not that one. No, not that one either. (There are hundreds of them.) I got the prettiest one.

Let it sit or set as the case may be.

Hey boss, we made that O'hare delivery.
But boss we had an 'parking indecent'.
Yea boss we're gonna need a tow truck, and six tires.
Oh boss almost forgot we may need a jack-hammer.

(Guess who's getting a lump of coal for Christmas?)

Somebody's gettin' cement overshoes for Christmas...

ANd the GPS is going "recalculating....recalculating...recalculating...."

I had the GPS in my cell go crazy this morning and though I never asked for it, began pumping directions out like the WORST back-seat driver ever! (I turned it off, or I'd have strangled something.)


Our commitment to quality food is set in concrete.

10/26?! I took a flight out of there back to Detroit! Would this be related to the guy ranting to thin air on the Blue Line train to the airport? I was returning from a business trip with a coworker who swore she'll never ride the train again.

Just like with sex, some folks forget you have to wait for it to get hard.

The Blue Line I snored for providing transportation AND entertainment
Don’t eat any food served on the train ride. Just don’t.

Autocorrect can be vicious
Is good for not Snored

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