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September 06, 2018


Dead ducks = slow down.

(Thanks to Ralph K.)


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Where else, indeed, judi.
Outside bars, in a Duckfather sequel (finding a severed duck head in bed) ..

Many years ago when I lived in a rural area, our house was at the bottom of two long slopes. Cars would go screaming by. My father decided to get one driver's attention in a creative way. He got an old tricycle and at twilight, hid in the bar ditch until a speeding car approached. Then he slid the tricycle onto the road into the path of the vehicle.

That teenager was plenty shaken up and said he never saw the tricycle. My dad chewed out his a$$ to make sure he got the message that it could have been real, there could have been a child struck and killed.

It should have been squirrels.

He said dead cat like it was a bad thing.

*KICKS* EveryoneWants2BeRich.
We had the same problem in a neighborhood I used to live in. A few speed bumps helped a lot.

Awhile back the city put in speed humps, (think speed bump 3 feet wide). Of course I envisioned something totally different when I first saw the road sign warning "SPEED HUMPS AHEAD".

Ouch! I apologise. Apparently my dog hacked this account. Bad dog!

Many years ago when I was growing up in a rural area, our house was at the bottom of two long slopes and cars would go screaming by. My dad came up with a way to teach one teen a lesson. He got an old tricycle and hid in the bar ditch at twilight. When this car came speeding by, he pushed the trike onto the road. The kid was very upset that he had run over a tricycle and wondered where the child was because he was sure to have killed him. My dad chewed him out that next time, it might be real - he might actually hit a child.

Yes, we had cars when I was growing up.

One place you do not want to use it is the judical system.

Justice is slow enough!

Wasn't there a short book published several years ago:
"101 Uses For a Dead Duck?"

That wouldn't work with a lawyer..

Everyonewants -- next time, tell your dog to duck

Dead ducks = free snacks for the local Burmese pythons.

Just then Elmer Fudd shows up and asks if it is duck season or rabbit season?

I found my copy of "101 uses for a Dead Boss."

I'm guessing "101 Uses For a Dead Duck" may have been a cookbook.

Stop writing about Congress, Le Petomane.

Using dead ducks for this purpose is dethSPICable.- Daffy D.

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