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September 14, 2018


Just try telling us your Rottweiler is a "service" animal and has to join us on the plane.

(Thanks to funny man)


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Another reason not to fly the cheap airlines unless you really like "surprises".

What? Your rottweiler says he wants first class accomodation?

"Okay buddy you're coming with us--even if we have o carry you out." (They did.) No word on whether the dog made the flight or was granted first class.

actually I fly jet blue ALL the time. :)

Was the dog food a step up from the in flight snack?

So, judi, I shouldn't even bother asking you about my emotional support tarantula?

Animals belong in the hold. Their humans can go with them.

As the owner of one of the banned breeds on most US airlines, I can see where people ride with their pets.

False comfort animal certification, however, is a bad sign of our times.

BTW, the banned breed for us is our Shih Tzu.

Darn. Missed it by that much. We flew on the same airline from the same terminal next door to the flight for San Juan 24 hours earlier.

Great new plane, by the way.

I miss the good old days when you'd dress up to catch a flight. Everyone was nice and Wilbur and Orville were always real careful with my luggage.
*Waits for Geezer bus*

And they served you real food on real plates with real silverware and glasses.

*waits with nursecindy for geezer bus*

The service animal could not be reached for comment, probably because it was ashamed of its owner's behavior.

Me, I love those old Thin Man movies where Nick and Nora have a Pullman suite that is roughly the size of a Manhattan townhouse.

For reasons I don't understand, my two Border collies, who are working sheep dogs, are not considered service animals (especially when they have sheep poop in their fur.)

What of his constitutional right to bear legs?

Hey! I didn't donate my legs! And why is Boo Boo in the overhead storage compartment?

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