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September 12, 2018


... for a public service suggestion from nursecindy:

If people want to help those in the path of Hurricane Florence, the American Red Cross is asking for blood donations now.  Donations have been down over the summer so this could really help a lot of people. 

For more information, including other ways to help:


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Good idea, NC and judi. Thanks!

Of course, this gives me the opportunity to say that nursecindy is
a vein woman. >rimshot< (Thank you, I'll be here all week.)

btw, if you give blood we'll give you a cookie! Thank you MOTW.

Donating platelets Friday.

A good reminder. I think our local folks are down to a few day supply of many blood types

I got poked about a month ago. I always pass on the cookies, but I'm strangely addicted to the funky-tasting orange juice boxes.

I didn't know Nurse Cindy worked for the IRS ?

@wanderer2575 - pro tip - you are not supposed to eat the boxes.

(*smacks* markhh)

I'd ask nursecindy to do it, but she's probably preoccupied.

Bud sends very-lite to Flo

I've been blog-smacked.

I think that completes my bucket list.

Sam, allegedly an intel operative, said last night the
on this show (approx at 1:12:00) that the hurricane will
probably be full of surprises.

I am sending prayers in either case.

Nobody would want my blood. Do you more harm than good.

NC - we need hourly updates, to fill the tv gaps.

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