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September 03, 2018


Gee, ya think?

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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The secondhand store where you can get a contact high.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

What is remarkable is the thrift store employee not just thinking Christmas came early. Like who knew, dudes?

Glaucoma Prevention Program

So the reported amount was 74 ounces. I suspect the original amount was an even 100oz.

The only thing I ever find at our local thrift store is old clothes,knick knacks, and back issues of Southern Living Magazine that has articles about how to get down with your melon baller this summer.

Nursecindy, I hope those articles were referring to a consenting melon baller...#metoohoneydew has some real horror stories.

I worked at a Goodwill shop briefly, and we received explicit instructions during training about returning sums of cash that we discovered inside donations...however, nothing was ever mentioned about weed, so I would have assumed that this fell under the "found substances, dude" category.

Sarasota police would like to meet the person who made the donation and shake his hand. They'd like to shake it real good.

They should take the "high" road and return it. Heh.

NC, I thought down came from ducks, not melons....

Oh, do a little dance, make a little love,
Get down tonight, get down tonight

Get it on,
Fill a bong,
Get it on....

I thought just their prices were high....

They were supposed to --a hem--sell it, not consume it.

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