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September 30, 2018


When computers malfunction... the blog suffers. The s.b. is fired. The s.b. returns.

And here are some signs inspiring confidence, at the u-pick apple picking place.

IMG_3480 IMG_3555


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Isn't Georgia a bit north for "the wall?"

Did Mexico pay for it?

I wonder if it works?!?!

Since I'm originally from Georgia I think I can explain this sign. If you're so stupid you can hurt or kill yourself while picking an apple, they don't want to be blamed. They're not kidding about the dog either.
Slim Chance, using the words "north" and "Georgia" in the same sentence could get you into some deep trouble if you do it there. Also, you probably shouldn't go pick any apples in Georgia.

Sad that it has come to this. I remember climbing ladders at apple orchards as a kid without a second thought. Thanks to 1-800-LAWYERS and the like, those days are long gone. Pathetic that there's no such thing as "personal responsibility" and "hey, sometimes sh*t just happens" anymore.

I fell down picking strawberries and I can't get up. Beeep, beeep, beeep.

"For I am done with apple-picking now...because I fell off the ladder and face-planted." --Robert "Crash" Frost

I thought I explained the dangers of being under an apple tree. When one of those suckers falls on your head, it hurts!
That is why I later invented my famous cookies: Figs are smaller and softer.

Out here in west Georgia about the only injury can get at a U-pick is from tripping over your own feet.

Is there a "Pick noses, not apples" movement starting?

If so, I blame Che.

There are poisonous snakes in Georgia. And women named "Eve".

Cue the theme music.

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