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September 12, 2018


Taco Bell voted best... best Mexican... no, no, we can't say it!

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger and Jon Harris)


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By all that is holy, I pray that this is a site like The Onion.

I hope so too, NMUA. Back in the 80's and early 90's Taco Bell was good. Now, not so much. However that is strictly my opinion. Others with no taste buds may feel differently.

Generic poll answerers with nothing better to do with their lives. And everyone answering was either named Jones or Smith.

The Taco Bell results were skewed by many contributing factors —
such as time of day, location, and drug levels in their system.

I disregard all surveys because they are generated by answers from people who agreed to take the surveys.

I agree with Rudolph's survey take on people who take surveys.
I think we need another survey to question why these people agreed to take a survey in the first place along with a psychological assessment of their mental health at the time they took the survey.
And then a survey to determine why they felt this particular survey subject needed surveying.

In the country, yes, but which country ?

What nursecindy said.

Also, WTFBBQ is Blaze Pizza? In New York we eat REAL pizza.

Did they ask any Mexicans?

Blaze Pizza is the best pizza? Subway is the best sandwich shop? This has to be a paid marketing gimmick.

I'm just disappointed that Chuck E. Cheese didn't win for "Best Amateur Boxing Venue."

Taco Bell is the best Mexican restaurant? Then is McDonald's the best Scottish restaurant?

Didn't Taco Bell just admit that their "hamburger" is mostly other stuff? Taco Bell: The best restaurant for fake hamburger.

Taco Bell...rhymes with hell.

And I still eat there but not very often or well.

@K, with results like these, I'm surprised Chuck E. Cheese wasn't awarded for Best Fine Dining Ambiance.

Remember, these are the same types of people who, in the late 1990s, voted the theme song from "Gilligan's Island" as the best in television history.

Microsoft makes computers (not tablets) now?

The History Channel won for "factual entertainment"?

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