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September 10, 2018


Rogue Chicken was here.

(Thanks to John Lobert, Ralph K. and Slim Chance)


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Rogue Chicken WBAGNFARB

He wanted his riddle to be set in stone.

Australian chick flicks are not what I expected..

But they do know how to keep track of their chickens.

Chicken Fiasco - Served on a bed of wet concrete.

That chicken will end up in a cement slab.--Tony Soprano, in The Lost Episode "Chicken Soup"

Frickin' Chickasee!

Cheep fossils.

This could be a whole episode of "24" for kids, the nonexistent spin-off I just imagined.

"I'm gonna need more backup, Chloe, and some chicken feed."
--The animated Jack Bauer

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