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September 21, 2018


DIY Colonoscopy

(Thanks to Michael Moyer)


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No illustrated instructions? I'm disappointed (I think).

Sometimes self discovery s not a clean process

A canine de-coder? It's already been done

Oh nursecindy..... Your medical opinion please.

What could possibly go wrong with this brilliant invention?!?!

Insert Uranus jokes anytime.....

I once worked with Dr. Horiuchi. He was working on the Self-Colonoscopy" while I worked on a "Rectal Transmogrifier".
After a heated debate, I told him where he could stick his invention, and he said I was making an ass of myself.

Slim Chance, the worst that could happen is you'd have to come see me in the ER.

Only in Japan.

I did get a colonoscopy last year and I got the printed report, with photos.
So I sent a few of the pics to my friends and family, as a postcard, with the phrase:
"Wish You Were Here"
Nobody appreciated my hilarious joke.

Great, now we're going to start seeing a bunch of colon selfies on Facebook.

Duz being an "IG"-noramus qualify you for an "Ig"-Nobel prize?

becuz there's a whole lotta poeple in government that might qualify....

The first time I got a colonoscopy I asked the doctor to certify on one of the pictures that he did not find my head during the procedure.
When I explained it was to be a framed gift for my ex, he gladly agreed.

This should have been included in the "ANALS of Improbable Research," but I know I'm just being cheeky.

Panoramic? Sit and rotate.

KEY QUOTE:"I thought I was an eccentric. But I now know there are many people like me in Japan."

Be afraid, America, be very afriad. Or enetertained. Yopur choice.

Colonoscopy selfie videos on YouTube.
Speeded up 20x, with "Yakety Sax" playing in the background.

That Japanese guy can take his do-it-yourself colonoscopy and shove it up his . . .

Did anybody else have a Chipotle ad pop up? The original do it yourself colostomy.

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