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September 07, 2018



(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Glen Page, and Jane Linderman)


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You can take the charge outta the fence, but you can't take the stupid outta kids. Or can ya?

A sensible solution, considering the high cost of a moat and alligators.

Why an electric fence. He could have stopped them with his gun.

Here's the video.


Reminds me of the children's story:

"Curious George and the High-Voltage Fence"

I'm at the Bouchercon - mystery writers and readers' convention - in St. Petersburg this weekend. Today's highlight was the Florida Man (and Woman) panel, with Tim Dorsey. Readers of this blog have heard most of the stories already - the woman grooming her "bikini area" while driving to her "date," the shark on the people mover, etc.

Dave and (especially) Carl Hiaasen were mentioned several times.

Some boy will show off and pee on the electric fence. Bad idea. An MD friend once showed me some ER pictures he took of a guy who tried this. Just don't!

Jeff--Enjoy Boucheron. I haven't been able to attend one for a while. You can meet some of the neatest people at those events.

I think this is kinda-sorta related news:

"Ohio school resource officer used Taser to wake sleeping student: police"

My mom used cold water, once - and once was sufficient.

Clint Eastwood had the right idea.

This is how Virginia will stop the Squirrel Apocalypse.

A more efficient solution would be to outfit all the school students with those electronic dog training collars, and then wire the entire neighborhood for these. "BAD Ashley; SIT!"

I also have a feeling that nursecindy is about to ring in with a particularly grisly story about electric-fence whizzers that she encountered in the ER.

K, I'm proud to say that most of our rednecks know better than to whiz on an electric fence. I do have a story about a guy who tried to climb a barbed wire fence but I'll save that for some other time.

I will just briefly point out that the guy in the MAGA hat figured out a fence was not a good solution, and then I will shut up.

And no one thought "Burmese Tiger Pit"?

Burmese tigers have gotten so expensive to keep these days, ImNotDave.

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