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September 26, 2018


Drinking alcohol while throwing axes, ax-throwers wearing open-toed shoes, a lack of monitoring by bar management and axes ricocheting off targets in the direction of participants were among the concerns listed by Michigan Liquor Control Commission investigators who visited the warehouse-style bar at 2550 Innovation Drive in Auburn Hills.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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I'm just glad the inspection didn't take place on flaming ax throwing night.

What about throwing chainsaws?

Fraternity life today remains much as it was in the '60's.

Suspended for a WHOLE DAY?!?

Why don't we just shred the Constitution and be done with it?

The folks at the Michigan Liquor Control have an axe to grind.
But they aren't the sharpest people.

If you have to axe, you don't really know.

I knew a guy who liked going to these places. He wanted to show his friends a real battle-axe so he brought along his mother-in-law.
I haven't heard from 'ol Wesley for quite a while.

I remember the good old days when you could go out, throw a few flaming axes around, and not have to worry about the government breathing down your neck.

Axe-ceptional article.

At least the Detroit game of 'fowling' does not involve firearms and live birds. And, I expected the bar to be in the U.P.

Huh. You'd think they would have watched this instructional video from Johnny Carson.

Official Home of "Hold My Beer and Watch This!"

I kinda imaging what would happen if William Tell was an ax-thrower.

Just imagine the fun if the axe throwing gang (see plot info)--showed up!

(one of my favorite movies, too!)

In addition to ax-throwing, Hub Stadium features two bars, a dance-entertainment permit, craft beer and cocktails, food and "bombowling," better known in the Detroit area as "fowling," a bowling-football hybrid sport that involves competitors throwing footballs at bowling pins.

It's also comforting to know they have all their bases covered.

"Bombowling"? Like to try that. DO I need a helmet and goggles? Also, could this be related?

Keep those balls clear and away from cars, folks!

Carrie Nation is weeping as we speak.

A saloon in Nashville with a country music star's name on it featuring axe throwing will soon open in Nashville.

I suppose my idea for a grenade bar is out now...

I passed near a gaggle of college freshmen yesterday. The smell of Axe would take your breath away.

What's that old school axiom "If you have to Axe, you better!"

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