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September 30, 2018


Florida has something of a wild pig problem.

Also: Pigs are more fertile than rabbits.

(Thanks to Another Ralph and John Criswell)


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They're Makin' Bacon!

Problem solved.

It all started with dummies releasing domestic pigs or pigs getting loose that were never recaptured. Typical Florida wildlife story. Man meets pig, pig is pig, man lets pig go to pursue his piggy happiness, Stephen King novel ensues with gangs of ravening wild pigs.

Pig feed? How about feed pig...to the poor. Like the deer hunters do. Bacon and sausage for all (except the radical vegans, they can kill their own veg). One of my dreams is a big bore AR, a night scope and a silencer for one of the guided eradication hunts that are becoming popular and necessary.

Florida is #2 in feral hogs...but, they're Trying Harder...

I don't believe the dreaded manbearpigs have spread from South Park to Florida---yet.

who's number 1?

So they call it "a hoarding situation" now. We used to call them hog farms.

And clio, it could be Georgia. We have lots of feral hogs.

Bake more bread. Grow more lettuce and tomatoes.

Overhead elsewhere" "Ba-Ba- Ba-Balderdash! Petunia always re-re-rebuffed my efforts!"

BTW, 200 Pigs WBAGNF a rock concert!

California had over 3 million wild pigs a few years back. Guessing Hawaii might be the most per-capita pig/human state tho. those suckers are everywhere, and FAT too...

I fail to see a problem here.

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