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September 17, 2018


Coke and Mentos are much safer than gunpowder.*

(Thanks to Ralph K.)



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Back in my day, we used vinegar and baking soda.
judi, that was a great nostalgic video. Thanks for including that.

That science demo was obviously photoshopped, because Dave's shirt is not blue.

Perhaps a sacrifice to the volcano god Vulcan.

Wait'll the kid demonstrates his li'l nuclear reactor model at next year's fair.

Many students were injured when a volcano model exploded at a school science fest in Angamaly on Saturday. The incident happened at Angamaly Holy Family High School. The volcano model was made by the students for exhibiting at the fest.

Soon to be renamed Anomaly...

So they were demonstrating Krakatoa, or Thera.

Dave was right! Ridley did start cleaning everything up after the eruption.
A great man (Dave) once said if you really want parents to give more time and money to a school tell them if they don't, you're going to hold a science fair.

Um, oops?

Someone put in too much mixture.

Pray, and keep Your Coke and Mentos dry.

And the Angmaly Holy Family High School science fair as once again demonstrated the long established science fact that gunpowder can explode.

For another trip down memory lane (diet Coke & Mentos)

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