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September 04, 2018


Toddlers welcomed back to school with "scantily-clad" pole dancer.

(Thanks to Jon Harris, Ranald Adams, and Commander McBragg) 


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"Who would think that this is a good idea?"

The dads. The dads in attendance would think this is a good idea.

Risque, yes. But it's tradition.

When I went to high school women were not allowed to wear shorts to school until around 1970. There was one Asian girl in the school. She was on the tennis team. She dressed like a pole dancer on the days their was a match.

Are we sure this wasn't for the parents?

In Jr. high we were not allowed put pennies in our 'penny-loafer' shoes. (?)
Where does that Geezer bus-stop?

"Welcome Back! The pole tax will be lifted, so enjoy..."

--one of those annoying "announcers in my head." I suppose it's because I watch an "all-news" channel yesterday...

It's good to see the Bill Clinton Foundation is still funding education.

Chinese students are so far ahead of their American counterparts.

She was able to recover most of the crayons from her G-string.

Order of Chinese Funeral Service:

1) Visitation

2) Eulogy set to music by Brandi, Bubbles, and Trixie

3) Closing Prayers

Snork at Le Dud!

Lets make school a place kids want to be! After all, what better way to hold attention than the pole dances...

This could stop drop-outs completely! Or develop a new generation of ....???

I think we should all take a pole.

It's never too early to consider your future career options.

Talk about yer show and tell!

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