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September 24, 2018


Keep those dogs on a leash.

Thanks to Larry Caldwell, who shared the welcome sign at his local dog park in LA.



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Lions in Louisiana?

Oh, sure! Keep your dogs on a leash, while other folks' rattlesnakes. mountain lions (and I assume squirrels) can run free, causing all SORTS of havoc!

Gummit double standards!!

It's bad enough walking through that park alone, let alone holding a rope attached to a potential snack for the critters...

But what if you were walking your pet grizzly ?

"Wildlife Habitat -- Dangerous Animals"

And that's just your fellow animal owners.

Do they hate their dogs?

U.S. Mountain Lion attacks on people per year: 5 -6; fatalities since 1890 17
U.S. rattlesnake bites on people per year: 7000 - 8000; fatalities 5
U.S dog bites on people per year: 4.5 million+; fatalities 20 - 30

It's very clear why the dangerous animals must be on leash.

Thank goodness squirrels are not a danger.

In Florida, I would expect to see a warning sign for gators, iguanas, and Burmese pythons.

Mountain Lions are dangerous.

But the most dangerous animal is the lyin' politician.

A friend who lived on a few acres had some official looking signs made up.

Venomous Reptile Research Facility, do not enter without an escort."

He claims he was never was bothered by trespassers.

So the dog version of that TLC song would be "Don't go chasing rattlesnakes"

And keep those snakes on a leash too.

A nice looking snakeskin leash would be appropriate.

Wait! You do know dogs and mountain lions and snakes can't read, right?

Wiley E Coyote could read, so your argument is invalid.

Highway rest areas on I-10 in AZ and NM warn pedestrians to watch for rattlesnakes. Leather work boots were invented for a reason.

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