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September 07, 2018


But hey, what color is Prince Charles' kettle, if you catch our drift?

(Thanks to Slim Chance)


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... the Prince admitted he has previously been accused of being controversial simply for “trying to draw attention to things that aren't necessarily part of the con­ventional viewpoint”.

Like the marriage to that 'looker' Camilla Parker Bowles?

Just saying...

"The instrument of labour, when it takes the form of a machine, immediately becomes a competitor of the workman himself." – Karl Marx

Damn commie monarchist luddite!


France surrenders; Canada and Belgium on High Alert

Royal Scandal Rocks the Palace

I thought Charles's phone/notes to Camilla on being her sanitary pad were more interesting.

Resistance is futile----

If Seven of Nine said this, most guys would say: OK!

"“My problem is I find there are too many things that need doing or battling on behalf of.”

Where is Mr. Language Person when you need him?

OK, HRH Wales may never qualify for Husband of the Year given the Diana/Camilla debacle, but his takes on modern architecture and technology are spot-on. He's always been more thoughtful and engaged than the average playboy royal, and would probably make a decent enough figurehead King...but my pound notes are on Wills taking over instead.

Algore did not comment?

I'm reminded of the Monty Python bit "Twit of the Year".

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