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September 04, 2018


"No charges were filed against Willie."

(Thanks to Jon Harris, Ron T., and Le Petomane)


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As a pig, he would have had no trouble finding a lawyer.

I smell bacon!

They certainly have a sense of humor: Pride, Integrity, and Guts (P.I.G.).

Jeff beat me to it.

We need details. Was that Wet Willie or Dry Willie?

Well darn. Based on the headlines I thought the article was going to be about Bill Clinton. ;)

"No charges were filed against Willie," joked the police department ,,,

However, the Officers did not rule out a roast for Willie...

When I saw that brave cop running away yelling, "help, I'm being chased!" I thought he may have found a Caerbannog piggie and was channeling Monty Python's famous Run Away! Run away! Skit.

Their new Police Department motto: "To Serve, Protect and sometimes Run Away!

Maybe that cop can find work in California, he'll never live this down.

That was just Babe herding.
"Good job, pig."

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