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September 07, 2018


Especially "insect enthusiasts."

(Thanks to DaninDallas, L. Raymond, Jon Harris, and Le Petomane)


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"...bring insects and other arthropods to the public in a way that they can be loved and appreciated."

Not ever gonna happen.

It might even work in reverse —
"Pay us $10,000 and we'll remove the exotic tarantulas we released in your home".

THERE is A REASON they are called "bugs." Because they "bug" ya!

@ubetcha - Exactly so.

Not even if they are deep fried and dipped in chocolate.

And you heard about this first on the web...

You can't be an insect enthusiast if you're stealing spiders. It's a technicality, but I thought I'd mention it.

" including the venomous six-eyed sand spider,"
WHOA ! I gotta get me one of those.

"Guido, you nitwit. I told you to go get what we needed to bug Morry's betting operations. Sometimes---well most of the time--I worry about you.
Just be glad you're the boss's nephew."

Dude standing beside open car trunk in vacant gas station lot: "Psst! Hey! What kinda insect ya want?"

This is what can happen when the exterminator doesn't confirm the address.

Hasn't anyone heard of "Insects Appeal?"

Wait till the cops catch up with them: "Put down the box of venomous 6-eyed sand spiders and come out with you hands up!"
"Come and get me copper."
"Uh, no. Not merely No but HECK NO!"

This bugs me.

Raid is the answer.

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