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September 13, 2018


Colorado man gives Florida man a run for his money.

(Thanks to Jane Linderman and Le Petomane) 

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The weather people interviewed North Carolina Man yesterday at Carolina Beach. He said he was riding the hurricane out because, "It's only a category 4 storm". I guess he'd leave if it was a Category 8 or 9. These people must be related.

Turns out I know 5 guys who have decided the proper place to ride out the hurricane is an island near Charleston.

South Carolina men giving Florida Men some competition.

Also competition from Cruise Ship Men (and Women). My northern cruise returned to Baltimore this past Saturday. Next cruise leaving that afternoon was a five-nighter scheduled to... Bermuda. Lots of passengers upset that it was changed to Nassau instead.

"I have a gub. Oops. Could you pass me the gub, please?"

Well, at least he still has the fake bullet in his shirt pocket.
If only he can find a fake gun in that caliber...

Now with added music, because it needed doing so why not me?

Floridorodoian. Unclear on the concept. Until now.

I hope that people of the Carolinas have shotguns or chainsaws - there are sharks in the waters and now Florence is going to fly them in your direction. It is going to be awesome.

Colorado Man told the investigators he only tried robbing that store to get enough money to move to Florida.

Soon to be an Adam Sandler movie.

It could be Florida Man on vacation to pick up some bud in Colorado. Just sayin'.

He meant to do that.

"This is my weapon, this is my gun..."

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