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September 05, 2018


Bathroom kitchen? Or kitchen bathroom?

(Thanks to Jeff Kleinman and Le Petomane)


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As a man I could see living in it. My wife not so much.

Its just a hole to **** in. (Fill in the blank.)

Soon everyone will want one,

I think this is carrying the "open concept" theme a little too far.

Has similarities to the modern combination of living room and dining room known as the "Great Room," but I gotta say that the kitchen-potty combo is the Not So Great Room.

Until your date says, "this casserole tastes like crap".

I'm gonna speculate that there are gonna be very few dates in this apartment.

In New York, this place would rent for $2500 a month, and be described as "artist's recluse with oven view" amid "the clamour for flavors and release."

Once rented a house with a hall closet made into a bathroom, where you could crap and wash your hands at the same time.

Could you see hosting a party here ? "Just go in the bathroom and get some food..."

A real time and distance saver in so many ways.

Of course, if one gets confused, the moment could be ruined...or the meal ruined....

Didn't Joliet Jake and Elwood live in a place like this in Chicago?

That's a bitchen design.

"Throne, throne by the range
where beer and snacks are near
and the smallest fart can't be hidden
or even faintly unheard

throne, throne by the range
where I can sit and think
on how the heck
did I wind up with a throne by the range."

As a New Yorker, this doesn't surprise me. My cousin had an apartment near Bloomingdale's on East 59th Street with a bathtub in the kitchen. You had to go out into the hall to access their bathroom.

And now I'm gonna toss my salad.

They better be mindful when lighting the stove.

How very, very, ummm... progressive.

I'm just amazed this disaster is unfolding in St Louis rather than San Francisco or Manhattan.

Proves to be highly efficient on Wild Burrito Nights.

When I sent to see my wife's grandfather in his home, I was impressed by the efficiency he demonstrated by placing his seat at the table within arm's reach of the refrigerator door. He could get something out of the fridge without even getting up!

Now, if only he had thought of this, his efficiency could have been increased even more.

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