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September 06, 2018


It involves a stingray.

(Thanks to John Lobert and Le Petomane)


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A few years ago I stepped on a stingray and the barb went into the side of my foot. It was by far the worst pain I have ever felt, and it literally hurt all the way up to my shoulder. (Protip - if you get stung by a stingray don"t Google it or you'll think you are going to die).

I honestly, sincerely, fell sorry for this guy and can't imagine the pain he's in.

But it's STILL funny!

A moose once bit my sister...

This is how The Beach Boys were able to reach those high notes we all enjoyed so much.

This story made me hurt and I'm a girl. We're gonna need a lot more Morphine STAT!

How bad could it beeeeeYYYIIIIIIEEEE

And we thought Jaws was scary! Guys, this is one good reason to stay on the beach, sip some drinks and girl watch.

I'm thinking that $1000 is not too high a price to pay to ensure that this injury doesn't ever happen to me.


I like to think the first responders started the conversation with "What seems to be the problem?"

Had to be a female stingray.

So, the man’s penis was swimming by itself? Who writes these headlines?

He immediately switched to watching Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet instead.

Burt Reynolds, RIP.

The guy had wanted a stingray for years, but he had a Corvette Stingray in mind.

Ow ow ow

He went to the beach thinking that he could score some tail, and WOW, did he ever!!

Ditto about Burt Reynolds, sad to hear this, RIP.

Was it a consenting stingray? Also, this “accident” sounds as contrived as the “I was walking around naked and fell on the carrot/flashlight/bowling ball.” emergency room story.

A stingray fisherman told me that if you hook something and you can see the ray 3-4 feet all around bottom of boat - just cut the line and let it go.
It might "land" you but impossible to "land" the stingray...

I never read the "Men: Do Not Read This" items. Saves me a lot of anguish.

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