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September 14, 2018


Shopping snake

(Thanks to Le Petomane)

Chicken snake

(Thanks to elseabs)

Reading snake

(Thanks to The Perts)

Student snake

(Thanks to dave)


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Cue Elvis'
♪ Whole lotta of snaking going on ♪


"A janitor and a school volunteer came into the classroom, and one of them turned the desk on its side and the snake fell out. They then carried it outside and threw it over a fence into a wooded area."

OK, but why did they throw the desk over the fence?

judi .. judi .. judi .. kilts, not snakes

Snork@ ImNotDave!

Because it was a bad desk, and this is the only way it will lurn?

Maybe Mother Nature plans on going to school?

Biology professor Bradley Cosentino identified the pictured snake as a non-venomous milk snake, a common snake species.

I assume it was shopping for milk, but inside a cart?
Who pushes the cart for the milk snack, and does it like whole, 2%, 1%, skim or buttermilk?

Reportage failure?

I couldn't find the reading snake (all about hurricane) when I clicked the link.

Unless this is the snake reading?

This could explain the grab'em comments???

Why is it always snakes? Why can't some of these stories be about something cute like bunnies or kittens?

^ Personally I prefer the ssssssSSSSSSassy snake.

1) Got Milk Snake?
2) And, stay out of her coop!
3) ??
4) "Shh! Now ALL the kids at school will want one!"

The "Cobra" was one of Thor's deadliest foes. Just saying.

.. or kilts, nursecindy

So true MOTW.

All I can think of is Southern snake fried chicken.

"It's just one of those things," Mosier said. "No one got bit."

Really, it's just one of those "things"? A student finds a snake in her desk and it's nothing to get excited about? I'd like to hear Mr. Mosier's reaction if he climbed into bed tonight and a snake slithered across his chest up into his face.

Spanish speakers do not agree on what iS acceptable Spanish. I don't speak it. A couple of years ago I was trying to verify some recorded Spanish and asked a Puerto Rican co-worker, who said some of the pronunciation was wrong. I then checked with a Mexican who said it was OK, "the other guy speaks Puerto Rican".

If the shopping cart snake had been in a Walmart, the clerk would have called for a CSM because the snake didn't have a bar code to scan.

I once had a Walmart clerk call for a price check on a space bar because it wouldn't scan. True story.

Cue music for cindy:

🎶I don't like spiders and snakes🎶

judi and MOTW: Sorry, I don't know of any songs regarding kilts.

A quick search reveals kilt songs coexist with Irish and Scottish alcohols.

I once almost bought a bundle of firewood with a snake. The store manager took it away and sold me a snakeless bundle. Thank you very much.

True story.

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