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September 18, 2018


Man at Chuck E. Cheese shoots himself in the leg.

(Thanks to Le Petomane, Slim Chance, B'game, and coscolo)


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So in other words, nothing unusual was going on.

Where else is it more likely to happen?

Little known fact (that I just made up, but I wouldn't be surprised to find it was true):

All Chuck E. Cheese employees have to go through monthly shooting drill protocols.

I've always thought that this song described Chuck E Cheese better than any story could. RIP Tim Wilson. He was one of my favorites.

"You sure you don't have foil packets of free peppers and parmesan?"

(Imaginary question that *may have* lead to this "accident")

((I learned a pizza place I went to recently--not CEC--had banned them years ago and now sells small vials for $1 each.))

You mean you have to rough YOURSELF up now at Chuck E. Cheese? Boy, I sure hate business trying to make everything self-service...

Snork @ K

Yes, you know it's a slow night at Chuck's House when you have to shoot yourself as part of the show.

What happened to the " Palatable pizza not allowed inside " sign ?

Jack, now you're just showing off.

"There will not be any charges and his name will not be released."

That's suspicious. He must have a title or a public office.

Also, Snork @ K.

I like that song too, Cindy.

The leg was asking for it.

I expect the victim to sue the shooter. That only makes sense.

The dude had himself psyched up to rob the place. He was going to say: "I'll to shoot the first person that moves!"
Then, after he shot his own leg when he jumped up, he realized he hadn't really thought this through.

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