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September 27, 2018


Seal slaps kayaker with octopus

(Thanks to SmartNews and funny man)


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Boy, I wish I had an octopus for every time I ticked off a sea otter.....

So, would that be a "Sucker Punch"?

Thank you...

There's another headline we wouldn't have seen in the 1950's.

The kayaker did not say a word to the TV reporter - his lips were sealed.

So you want to know, is the grilled octopus fresh? Well, it's absolutely fresh caught and there's plenty more available. So what'll you have?

There are eight 8 reasons why you get more sushi for your buck when you go with an octopus.

Gripping tale...

I hate when that happens.

Japanese businessmen pay a lot of money for that "experience"

@ Airedale - It's just something they have a yen for.
(If you knew sushi, like we knew sushi...)

(OK, "technically" the octopus is a mollusk, but even so...)

Ya gotta admire the seal, though, for having the tentacles to do this.

Afterwards, the seal's parents probably barked "stop playing with your food!"

But will the Republicans confirm the octopus? Inquiring minds want to know!

("Something's fishy here" an alleged Mr. Flake said.
"Well, I never!" said the Penguin.--From the new Batman novella)

funny man--Aquaman claims the entire octopus slapping event was an out take from his upcoming adventure movie and wasn't political at all. Now, will anyone believe Aquaman?

The seal of disapproval!

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