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September 01, 2018



We have Klingon (or Ferengi?) ducks.


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Messing around with the turkeys was she?

Duck l'orange...

Smile when you thay that!

[I hope to persuade Ms. Lorange to party with me!]

It's a muscovy duck. In Jacksonville we call them swimming turkeys.

Who knew that the duck colony exported to Florida from Three Mile Island back in 1979 would continue to thrive?

Who knew that the duck colony exported to Florida from Three Mile Island back in 1979 would continue to thrive?

We need to give PirateBoy a Laurel and Hardy handshake for demonstrating the side effects of eating ducks from the Three Mile island colony.

I saw Walking Turducken open for the Byrds.

Someone's always trying to build a better duck.

So this is a picture of a turducken. I always wondered what they looked like before they hit the meat counter of a supermarket. I am also told they go good with gagh, does anyone know if this is true?

Contrary to their name, Muscovy Ducks are native to Mexico. Build the wall!

(They are non-migratory, but any excuse will do.)

When they are first hatched, cold and clammy (Har!) are they geoducks?

Geezer bus passes to those who spot my puns there..

There are feral colonies in Texas, as well. I always thought they were ugly ducks.

Groans at PB...

Has anyone seen Jeff lately?

We called those Slow Ducks, but could never figure out how the chickens would sneak up on them...

Looks like Morn spitting out a bad drink from Quark.

Definitely Klingon. Ears are too small for Ferengi...

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