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September 02, 2018


Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce has closed a fishmongers that was sticking googly eyes on fish to make them appear fresher than they were.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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I believe the lesson here is to never, ever eat sushi sold at a gas station in Kuwait.

Barney Google!

*limps over to the geezer bus*

"Hey, Ma, that fish is makin' eyes at me!"

*boards the "back-to-when-vaudeville-lived" magic bus*

Also reminds me of the legend of the fish-store sign that read "Our fish are so fresh, it makes you wanna SMACK 'em!"

Jeff, now days most young kids would think Barney Google was the creator of that search engine!

Jeff, Snuffy Smith is not amused. Now move over because this geezer bus is getting full.

If it's ok for your Congressman's campaign ads, it's ok for fish.

I like my seafood from Mrs. Paul's.

Hasbro's Mr. Gefilte Fish

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