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September 07, 2018


Yes, Virginia, it IS a squirrel apocalypse.

(Thanks to dave e.)


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I saw one driving one of those new square cars. Probably headed for that place that says "not all nuts are created equal." No, not the republicans, but this place.

this place.

Typepad, you are evil, but I perserved....

" Swimming squirrels and squirrel roadkill are two sides of the same coin "

And if your coins have squirrels on them, you're probably from Venezuela.

If squirrels didn't swim, alligators would go hungry.

I can't wait to see the Burmese Python migration slithering after the squirrels.

I would like to point out that this news item is from NEW HAMPSHIRE, a state far to the north of The Old Dominion, Virginia. In fact, it is so far north, there are concerns it may have allied itself with our old Colonial Masters via Canada, where they may or may not be experimenting on the squirrels, training them for their eventual invasion to the South.

Just thought I'd point that out.

There are secret terrorist training camps that are turning out silent but deadly creatures such as these. Wake, up; we are living in dangerous times, people!! Next they will be carrying away our daughters, and burying them under piles of leaves until the Spring!

Actually, C. Robbin may have pointed out a valid flaw in the SDL (Squirrel Defense league) planning.
New Hampshire being so close to French Canada, they may have already surrendered to the squirrels. I believe this could qualify as a budding apocalypse.

I live in NH, and we have not (yet) surrendered to the squirrel apocalypse. As the stories point out, there is a LOT of Grey Squirrel roadkill here this year – we have retired many of their leaders. The Red Squirrels, which live in conifers rather than oaks, are still pests, but the population seems stable.

We have always gotten along well with our neighbo(u)rs to the north. In fact, about a quarter of our population has French Canadian ancestry, making it the largest minority in the state. 60% of our mill workers in the 1800's were French Canadian immigrants. If we (or French Canada) were going to invade the South, we would have done it long ago. We are not.


Hordes of swarming,thundering hunger-crazed beasts spreading over the hills and vails. The mind boggles at the threat inherent in this burgeoning peril.
And Hollywood keeps making zombie movies...

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