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September 20, 2018


Rocked Lobsters

(Thanks to pretty much everyone, including some who think it's fake news)

This may or may not be related.

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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No Exit Strategy is the story of Cheney and Iraq, right?

What kind of music do you play as you're getting a lobster high and about to plunge it into boiling water?

I thought about getting one as a pet, but family members killed my buzz

I believe cannabis marinated lobster is a delicious idea. It's about time that recipe got out.

Is there any evidence that the lobsters graduate to harder drugs ? Do "stoned" or Rock Lobsters eventually turn to opiates ?

I picture a pod of Florida lobsters chowing down on some of our square grouper and then coming ashore in search of Cheetos.

Brings new meaning to the words "lobster pot."

So the lobsters get baked before they're boiled?

When lobsters are high, the diners will fly

It was a dark and stormy night. the ghost lobster was steamed, not boiled. And seasoned with Old Nay.

Yes, this meal promised to be okay, until I woke up.

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