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September 24, 2018


"Things You Don't Want to See in Your Yard for $800, Alex."

(Thanks to  Le Petomane)


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Once scientists uncover the mystery of how the snake functioned with two heads, they can move on to how certain politicians function with their heads inserted you-know-where.

More qualified than either of the US Senate candidates running in my state of Virginia. They both talk out of both sides of their mouth. This candidate has two mouths to do it. Much more efficient.

Judi, I'm beginning to think you LIKE snakes. NTTAWWT.

Whoever said two heads are better than one?

(I think it was Vincent Price, playing Dr. Phibes in one of those creepy old movies.)

Double your pleasure,
double your fun.
A two head4d copperhead
is better than none.

Two heads are better than one.
See: The Thing With Two Heads (1972)
Ray Milland and Rosey Grier share one body. Cinematic magic.

That's not an Eastern Copperhead.

That's a rare and valuable Eastern Copperheads.

Technically it's an Eastern Coupleheads.

Does this mean I'd need two shovels to kill it?

I believe if this snake had slithered into nursecindy's yard, even the best forensic herpetologist wouldn't be able to prove that snake ever had two heads.

It's fake.

Fake Snakes?
Heavens Sakes!
I've been sharing that story with everyone.

Do I ever feel like an asp.

P.T. Barnum once said, "There's a sucker born every minute."
Considering the immense increase in population since he said that and the advent of the Internet Age, I guess I'm only one of many fake news suckers. But I do apologize.

Fake Snake Takes the Cake

There are many examples of two-headed snakes (and turtles), but they don't survive long in the wild. You can still see them in zoos.

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